Nayokenza Robyn Oliver is an artist in the truest sense. He recently finished his first book, A Visceral Collection of Thoughts Volume One. Currently, only the non-illustrated version is available on Amazon, but we hope to fix that soon!

Combining themes of love, loneliness, lost, and the supernatural, A Visceral Collection of Thoughts: Volume One is a collection of short poetry, stories, and prose divided into three parts.

“Cuffing Season”- Thoughts, emotions, and poetry revolving around love, life, and what it means to be alone.

“Genevieve of the Deep” – A young woman torn between love and obligation embarks on a frightfully fantastic journey as she tries to make a decision.

“Lyrics for Silence” – Visceral thoughts written down as they are, without any alterations.

With each piece being just long enough, A Visceral Collection of Thoughts: Volume One will be sure to draw you in, dig under your skin, and leave you wanting more. 

Listen to Nayokenza read Genevieve of the Deep in his own voice.