We are Aspect Heavy


Everyone has a story. What's yours?



At Aspect Heavy, we believe that everyone has a story to share. That is the idea behind the Comatose Podcast. Comatose is a weekly series of amusing anecdotes,insightful commentary and pithy stories. Every week three contributors are featured in segments of three to five minutes. The segments, though often unrelated, are tied together using music and narration to set the scene. Relax and enjoy the ride while listening to topics as varied as love, birthdays, and reciprocity.


Express You

Social media has made challenges extremely popular, but Express You takes a look at them from a different perspective. Contributors and audience members alike can partake on the challenge and then reflect on what happened. For the Express You crew completion is not as important as important as what you learn from it. Get to know yourself. Express You.

Pointlessly Spoken

Things on the internet - read out loud.



What is Perspeculum?

Perspeculum is all around us. The sounds that surround us everyday yet often go ignored. The ticking of a clock, the churning of an engine, the sound of the wind as it brushes through your hair. Perspeculum: sounds of a place, at a time. What did you hear?



Enfinity is a pseudonym of Michael Belancourt, the main editor/mixer for Comatose and other Aspect Heavy shows. He is a professional music producer and actively seeks out new projects to shine his expertise on. If you're interested in having Micheal work on your show, he'll more than likely be willing to help.